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Fiery Dance by Vladimir Kush
Art by Vladimir Kush Artă

Fiery Dance by Vladimir Kush

Painter Vladimir Kush

The fiery blossom flaming like a torch guides us into the depths of time, straight to the fires of pre-historic people. Ritual dancing around the fire was done to gain favor from powerful spirits to ensure good luck in hunting and war. We see the hands of dancers rising upwards like flames, appealing to cosmic forces for help or protection. The magic fiery flower is transforming into a violent red dance. Circular movement symbolizes the motion of constellations around of the sun. The image of “Fiery Dance” shares similarities with “Dance,” a famous picture by French artist Henri Matisse representing an ecstatic, circular dance of red nudes.

Available for sale in our 3 galleries Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Also, you can visit Vladimir Kush artist page  https://www.facebook.com/VladimirKushFineArt/.
Post source: Painter Vladimir Kush

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