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Art by Vladimir Kush

Mystery of the Concealed Letter (watercolor) by Vladimir Kush
The human soul (that of a woman in this case) can be represented symbolically as a kind of bottle with a text sealed inside. Love, patience, and courage are required to understand the message.
Like Le Reve, this painting illustrates the stream if consciousness that shapes us. Thus, the current of water streaming down the narrow neck determines the shape of the bottle.
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Gift of the Sun by Vladimir Kush
Represented in the painting is that moment in nature when it looks like the sun is suspended in the air before going away. In everyday speech, this position is reflected in the use of a verbal metaphor “the sun is setting.”
Nightfall is that “rescue parachute” which helps the man to leave daily cares behind and return to self, to the true yearnings of his soul.
The image of a parachute as a gift from the Sun integrates into a more prominent picture the “saving ray” notions found in literature – a whole bunch of beams (“parachute ropes”) aids him in “landing.” He hopes that for him the new day will mean a new joyful encounter with the Sun.
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Human Way by Vladimir Kush (his most recent work)
The task of the artist is to represent his creative journey. In our ever-changing world this is achieved through metaphor. Such a representation is like an electronic microscope making visible the tiniest items less than the lightwave length in size.
The artist discovers the connection between subordinate objects or ideas and it looks like bridging a deep gulf initially dividing two very distant concepts. In this way, for example, an image transference uncovers the previously unseen connection between the windmill sails and the butterfly wings, the flowing water and the flow of fabric, the neck of a jar and the neck of a shirt and so on.
Another way of representing the artist’s journey is through a script, a series of episodes, each having a designated place on a timeline ‘from dusk till dawn’. Every episode contains symbolic ideas reflecting the spiritual legacy of humankind, the thoughts and feelings shared by all human beings.
Those primary perceptions are genetically formed and a result of human evolution. Jung called them archetypes of human consciousness.
For an entire write up of this work please visit our link to the website below
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Heavenly Dragon by Vladimir Kush
In the painting a member of the Emperor’s family is out on a walk along the border of China guarded by the dragons. The outline of fortification resembles the Great Wall of China.
*regarded as the most powerful of dragons, his touch turning stones into gold and his breath producing tongues of flame or swirling clouds; a symbol of strength and dominion.
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Guardians by Vladimir Kush
The many-eyed Pineapple reminds us of the Greek myth of the giant, Argus, who had 100 eyes in his head and all over his body. Hera, the sister and wife of Zeus, appointed him to watch the white heifer that was Io. Zeus, who had fallen in love with Io, had changed her into the heifer to protect her from the fiery wrath of Hera. The name “Argus” has become common for a vigilant and tireless guardian.
At the same time, the near spherical shape of the pineapple is associated with another legend in which a hundred-eyed guardian is symbolic of the starry sky that observes our life here on Earth.
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas
Metaphorical Journey by Vladimir Kush
The first compilation piece by Vladimir Kush, combining fifteen prior themes, Metaphorical Journey, was created in conjunction with the book of the same name. While meant to be a journey of the mind through metaphor, the goal of all Kush art, it can also be seen in relation to one’s life journey.
For the full description go to our page at the link below
Available for purchase at our 3 galleries in Maui/Laguna Beach and Las Vegas

Also, you can visit Vladimir Kush artist page  https://www.facebook.com/VladimirKushFineArt/.

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